The "Lazy Man's" tie down!

What Is The Noodle Buddy?

The Noodle Buddy is quite possibly the simplest and quickest way to secure cargo in a truck, SUV, or trunk of a car. In a matter of seconds, the Noodle Buddy can be applied to prevent sliding, rolling, and lifting, without the use of straps, ropes, ratchets, or anchors. Protect your gear, reduce litter, and save time…with the Noodle Buddy!

The “Lazy Man’s” Tie Down

Secure cargo in seconds!
No frustrating knots!
No annoying ratchet straps!
No tangled cargo nets!

Noodle Buddy

How Does It Work?

How Do I Use It?


Fill your Noodle Buddy with sand or other suitable material (or buy a pre-filled Noodle Buddy)


Secure your cargo with your Noodle Buddy


Drive happily into the sunset, knowing your cargo is safe