The "Lazy Man's" tie down!

What's Happening Noodle Buddy?

Grandma's Love the Noodle Buddy

Posted by Bill Summers on

Even Grandma's are hopping on the Noodle Buddy train. See here this happy customer about to haul a load of wood in her pickup from Oakland, CA to Ukiah, CA. The beauty of the Noodle Buddy is anyone can use it! It's not confusing like a ratchet strap or ineffective like a bungee cord would be in this instance. The Noodle Buddy is the PERFECT tool for this job of securing these reclaimed redwood boards back home for Grandma. 

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Why the Noodle Buddy...

Posted by Billy Summers on

Coming from one of the co-founders of the Noodle Buddy, it's easy to say why we think our product is so great. As a consumer, I also realize that every day I'm bombarded with multitudes of products and services coming from someone trying to sell me something. That said, I'm one of those people trying to sell you on our product. Don't get me wrong. Bungee cords, Ratchet straps, cargo nets, and rope serve their purpose. But I'm a truck owner myself and of all those options for cargo containment, I prefer bungee cords. That said, I took a bungee...

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